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"Great Fun"

Had a great experience, helpful staff and a lot of fun. Carts are more powerful than expected.


All drivers have to be a minimum of 4'6" Tall

No sorry. We do not have any 2 seat karts and single seat karts are only for 1 person at a time.

Yes you can.

Our outdoor karts are capable of running 45 mph and are the fastest in Las Vegas. But many thing effect the top speed. 1) Weather 2) Number of karts on the track at the same time 3) Experience of the driver and other drivers are just a few limiting factors for top performance. The better driver you are, and the more driving time you put in will ultimately get you up to the top speeds of our karts.

Our indoor electric karts are very quick. But driving a drift track is more about control then speed. The more you drive our indoor karts the quicker you will get at drifting around the track, passing other competitors and setting fastest laps around the track.

And whichever track you are competing at, our karts are the "Fastest" way to have a great time and a fun experience with friends, family, or just against the other competitors!

Unfortunately we do not take reservations.

Contact us with the web form, or call us directly for details.

Just like in any racing the first one across the finish line is the winner

At the indoor drift track on Fremont St. and with races of six or more, you will receive a winners trophy

At this time we do not run any league racing.

Contact us with the web form, or call for details we do run special events and rent the track for private parties or events.

While he does spend a lot of time at both tracks, we can not guarantee an actual meet and greet.

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GWRE at Fremont Street Experience
450 Fremont St, Ste 171
Las Vegas, NV 89101
(702) 270-8100
12PM - 12AM / Daily

Big racing action in extremely fast high-performance karts. Race competitors, side by side, inches off the ground.

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